How to identify your millionaire neighbor

How to identify your millionaire neighbor 1

Although having a million dollars is no longer as shocking as it used to be, it is also not trivial.

The entire United States currently has nearly 8 million people with assets worth millions of dollars.

1. Always spend less than you earn.

2. They realize that patience is a virtue.

3. When you visit their simple house, you will be invited to drink regular coffee, instead of a Starbucks cup.

4. Every month they pay off all credit card debt.

5. They soon realize that money cannot buy happiness.

6. Millionaires always remember that financial freedom is only possible when there is no debt.

7. They know that finding a side hustle not only helps multiply your bank account balance, but also keeps you busy and has no time to spend.

8. They understand that money is like a child, unable to manage itself.

9. They always set the mode to automatically deduct money from their savings account when they have money.

10. Millionaires often don’t understand why people accept doing things they don’t like just to get rich.

11. They understand the importance of planning.

12. When setting savings goals, they are not afraid to think big.

13. As time passes, they realize that you cannot avoid making bad financial decisions, but hard work will help make up for these mistakes.

14. Millionaires know that not taking risks is foolish.

15. They understand that time is the ally of youth.

16. They know that you can’t spend on things you can’t see.

17. Even if they have a job they love, millionaires may not need to work, because the things they own will generate money for many years to come.

18. They won’t be impressed even if you have a fancy car or live in a luxury mansion.

19. And after several months of asking and not getting your pruning shears back, they will go buy another one themselves.

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