Honda 67 ventures through the primeval forest

Honda 67 ventures through the primeval forest 5

Our destination this time is the primeval forest on provincial road 14 – 16, Di Linh district (Lam Dong).

The whole group eagerly entered the forest.

But with experience from `backpacking` trips, we quickly regained our spirit.

Those initial difficulties not only did not make us falter, but also motivated us to continue the journey with more fervent enthusiasm to conquer.

After overcoming the dangerous slope, we went deeper into the forest and quickly found a flat place to temporarily rest.

Coming to the steep slopes, they united and said, `Let’s pull the car up.`

The road we passed was filled with wild beauty of trees and flowers, pine forests hidden behind the mist like a shy young woman behind a veil, patches of grass that were so green it made our hearts flutter.

We continued our journey with countless steep, chilling slopes. Ancient trees spread out like giant umbrellas, towering over the old forest.

As the sky grew darker, the forest monkeys became more and more numerous.

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Our group was probably the unluckiest in the group.

At midnight, we were overjoyed to see a group of friends escape from the forest.

A new day begins.

We felt empowered, everyone became more optimistic and all our fatigue seemed to disappear.

Returning to the busy streets with car lights, each member of the group still has many emotions and attachments in their memories.

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Ngoc Tran

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