‘The final of Dancing with the Stars, America was filled with tears’

'The final of Dancing with the Stars, America was filled with tears' 8

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The final week of Dancing with the Star (DWTS) season 16 in the US consists of 2 parts, taking place on 2 nights of May 20 and May 21.

On the first night of competition, 4 pairs Aly Raisman/Mark Ballas, Zendaya Coleman/Valentin Chmerkoskiy, Kellie Pickler/Derek Hough and Jacoby Jones/Karina Smirnoff had to go through 3 rounds.

In round 1, each couple competes in a dance chosen by the judges.

In round 1, the first couple was Jacoby and Karina with the Jive dance, scoring 27/30.

In my opinion, with Jive, Jacoby always proves that he is the entertainment champion, but in terms of technique, his legs are still criticized by the judges as not being good.

Kellie’s Quickstep routine is good, her foot technique is good, but if her belly stays together regularly, it would probably be a perfect dance competition to get a score of 30/30.

As for the two Samba songs of Aly and Zendaya, I wasn’t very happy watching them because even though they were technically very good, they didn’t have beautiful Samba steps like Samba Rolls.

Kellie and Derek’s technical and emotional Freestyle dance competition brought tears to the judges and many TV viewers.

Accordingly, the two of you dance while curling up and swinging your hands around, looking very beautiful, including only a few common steps such as Traveling Grape Vine, Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs, Bota Fogo and Stationary Samba Walks.

Dancer Mark, while practicing dancing with Aly, replied to judge Bruno, because the Samba Roll was a difficult step, so he did not practice with Aly when judge Bruno suggested including the Samba Roll step in the dance competition.

In round 2, the pair Jacoby/Karina performed the first part of the song Chachacha and received 2 points, the pair Aly/Mark continued with the second part of the song and received 3 points, the pair Kellie/Derek performed the next part with part 3 and received 4 points.

Perhaps because each couple only has a few dozen seconds to dance, their set up is also very concise and does not have the elaborate steps of Chachacha. The technique is there but perhaps it is mainly for entertainment.

In round 3, all 4 couples competed in the Freestyle dance, the Jacoby/Karina pair scored 27/30, and the 3 female star pairs each scored 30/30.

Compared to the Freestyle songs of Jacoby, Aly and Zendaya, Kellie’s Freestyle song was the most impressive and made judge Carrie Ann unable to contain her emotions and want to burst into tears.

Chief judge Len Goodman was full of praise and stood up to applaud alone.

Finally, judge Bruno said this dance competition touched the hearts of audiences across America.

I was also very emotional and let my heart beat each move of Kellie and Derek’s competition because I thought this was a great dance competition both artistically and technically.

Part 1 of the final week on May 20 ended with Zendaya at the top and Jacoby at the bottom.

The second night of the final week started with a surprise when the eliminated couple was Aly/Mark because they had the lowest judge score and number of message votes.

The remaining 3 couples continue to compete for the championship title with an instant dance.

The judges’ scores in part 2 did not change the rankings of the three couples Jacoby/Karina, Kellie/Derek and Zendaya/Val.

In the end, the pair Zendaya/Val led the judges’ score, but the pair Kellie/Derek surpassed them with an overwhelming number of voting messages due to the influence of this pair’s wonderful Freestyle song the night before.

'The final of Dancing with the Stars, America was filled with tears'

The winning couple lifts the winning trophy

Thus, Derek Hough is the only dancer in all of DWTS in the world to have won 4 times.

With a heavy technical and artistic Freestyle song by Kellie and Derek, I think that DWTS as well as Strictly Come Dancing is not only an entertaining reality TV show as many people often say but also

In praising female star Kellie, judge Len Goodman, also a former world champion of Show Dance, said the following: a good dance competition requires the brain, but a great dance competition requires the heart.

Please watch the song Supersize Freestyle of the couple Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough to know why this song touched the entire American audience and voted this couple the champion of DWTS season 16 in 2013.

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