‘Declaring war’ on Trump, American football players kneel when saluting the flag

'Declaring war' on Trump, American football players kneel when saluting the flag 0

American football players ‘declared war’ on President Trump

Players of the US National Football League (NFL) simultaneously expressed their fierce opposition to President Donald Trump’s continuous attacks on players who kneel on the football field while saluting the flag, Guardian reported.

On September 22, Mr. Trump repeatedly posted comments on the social network Twitter calling on Americans to boycott the rugby tournament, culminating in the US President advising the NFL to fire players who refuse to sing the national anthem.

`If a player wants to make millions from the NFL, he or she is not allowed to disrespect the flag and must stand when the national anthem plays. If you don’t want to do that, you’re fired. Find another job.`

`If NFL fans refuse to go to games until the players stop disrespecting the Flag and Country, everyone will see change happen quickly. Fired or suspended

Speaking to Alabam state voters on the evening of September 22, Mr. Trump recalled the incident of football player Colin Kaepernick initiating this movement last year.

'Declaring war' on Trump, American football players kneel when saluting the flag

Cleveland Browns players, arm in arm, some standing, some kneeling before the game against the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the President’s criticism was `divisive` and `disrespectful` to the league and the players.

Many managers have expressed their support for the players’ right to freedom of speech.

`We don’t play politics,` the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the state of Pennsylvania told CBS.

Despite President Trump’s series of comments both on social networks and in public statements, about 25 players from the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens teams knelt when saluting the flag before the match on January 24.

Famous pitcher Kurt Warner said on the NFL federation’s website: `The President of the United States, his position is to support and fight for the rights of everyone, every American citizen. Therefore, when

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