‘Catwalk Demons’ – a small film with big ambitions

‘Catwalk Demons’ – a small film with big ambitions 4

In 2011, Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn created a phenomenon at the Cannes Film Festival with Drive.

Trailer for the movie `Catwalk Devil`

This time, Nicolas Winding Refn explores the topic of the fashion industry, with the film set in Los Angeles.

Jesse quickly got opportunities and positions that even veteran, long-time models dream of and desire.

Impressive visual poster of the movie `Devil of the Catwalk`.

The film opens with a blue-purple color tone dotted with a bit of red, typical of Nicolas Winding Refn’s style as in two previous works, Drive and Only God Forgives.

It can be said that Nicolas Winding Refn is a person who pays attention and meticulously to each image composition, lighting, and camera angle, so each frame of The Neon Demon is like a work of art, the more you look at it, the more fascinated you are.

Composer Cliff Martinez – who worked on the films Drive and Only God Forgives – continues to collaborate with Nicolas Winding Refn in this work.

‘Catwalk Demons’ – a small film with big ambitions

Elle Fanning plays an innocent small-town girl with the dream of becoming a model.

If separated into pieces, The Neon Demon possesses beautiful, cinematic and powerfully impressive scenes.

Instead of creating a certain depth for the overall story, Nicolas Winding Refn is a bit greedy for details.

Dakota Fanning’s younger sister – Elle Fanning – proves her ability to surpass her sister by continuing to have a `heavy` role.

‘Catwalk Demons’ – a small film with big ambitions

Australian model – Abbey Lee – made an impression in `Devil of the Catwalk` despite not having much acting space.

The most impressive actors in the film in terms of acting are the two supporting actors – Jena Malone and Abbey Lee.

The Neon Demon may be a step backward for Nicolas Winding Refn compared to Drive, but it is still a work that contributes to shaping his unique style in cinema.

The Neon Demon will continue to create controversy about its quality among experts and audiences when it hits theaters.

The Neon Demon (Catwalk Demon) opens in Vietnamese theaters from July 8.

‘Catwalk Demons’ – a small film with big ambitions

Listen to the soundtrack song: `Waving Goodbye` – Sia

‘Waving Goodbye’ – Sia

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