H’Hen Niê – ‘black pearl’ causes controversy about beauty queen beauty

H'Hen Niê - 'black pearl' causes controversy about beauty queen beauty 3

On the evening of January 6, H’Hen Niê was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017.

To the judges and organizers, Ede’s victory was not surprising because they had absolute consensus when choosing her.

However, despite the support, the 26-year-old beauty queen’s victory still caused a lot of controversy when many viewers believed that H’Hen Niê did not have an appearance consistent with the traditional beauty of a white beauty queen.

Miss Universe 2015 Pham Huong (left) congratulates H’Hen Niê on winning the final on the evening of January 6 in Nha Trang.

Beauty has been controversial since the first day of Miss Universe Vietnam 2017

As soon as she entered the contest, H’Hen Niê’s dark skin and short hair made a strong impression on the audience.

H'Hen Niê - 'black pearl' causes controversy about beauty queen beauty

Miss Universe 2017 H’hen Nie

Duong Truong Thien Ly – National Director of Miss Universe in Vietnam – expressed surprise at the criticism of the beauty of the new beauty queen.

Many girls compete in beauty contests with the hope of changing their lives.

From the village to the journey to conquer the beauty queen crown

H’hen Niê comes from an ethnic minority where matriarchy and responsibilities still weigh heavily on women.

Coming to Saigon, she lived in a small rented room and fulfilled her dream of becoming a student.

The victory of H’Hen Niê inspires people with unfavorable starting points like her.

H'Hen Niê - 'black pearl' causes controversy about beauty queen beauty

The beauty was chosen by the jury for her great kindness and determination.

In addition, she was also named in all three I am Miss Universe Vietnam challenges: I am confident, I am elegant and I am stylish.

After the coronation, H’Hen Niê shared that she had no secret other than having strong faith in herself.

The beauty is rich in compassion

From the casting round of the reality TV show I am Miss Universe Vietnam, the jury nodded when the Ede ethnic beauty expressed: `If crowned, I will spend 70% of the prize money on the school fund.`

H'Hen Niê - 'black pearl' causes controversy about beauty queen beauty

The Ede girl always looks towards the village in her competitions.

Ms. Xuan Trang – one of the judges of the contest – affirmed that from H’Hen Niê’s victory this year, Miss Universe Vietnam will choose a girl with many contributions to the community.

H'Hen Niê - 'black pearl' causes controversy about beauty queen beauty

The new Miss Universe shared after being crowned

The new beauty queen is loved by the people of Ede, her hometown, and is called `the village beauty queen` because of her sociable, close-minded personality and always knows how to share with those around her.

H’Hen Niê once described herself as a girl `with a beauty queen’s heart`.

At 10:30, the new beauty queen will open up to VnExpress readers about her journey to conquer the beauty crown and the pressures she faces.

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