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On March 15, the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City continued to interrogate Ms. Truong My Lan (68 years old, Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group) and a number of people with related rights and obligations to resolve civil liability in the case.

The jury announced that it had identified a number of real estate and assets of great value brought by Ms. Lan and her family to resolve the consequences of the case, including an ancient villa with an area of nearly 3,000 m2 at No. 110.

Ms. Lan said that she previously bought a villa in the center of Saigon for 700 billion VND, but this is an ancient villa for preservation, so she asked the jury not to distrain it because `it cannot be bought and sold, but must be preserved.`

The ancient villa in the most prime location in Saigon, with 3 sides facing Ba Huyen Thanh Quan, Vo Van Tan and Nguyen Thi Dieu streets, was bought by Ms. Lan many years ago for 700 billion VND.

During the previous trial, Ms. Lan mentioned the Capital Place building in Hanoi, worth about one billion USD, and her daughter was selling it to pay to fix the case.

Ms. Lan presented: `Someone has bid 400-500 million USD for the building…`.

Regarding Daewoo Hanoi Hotel, Ms. Lan said this is the property of Bong Sen Joint Stock Company, the defendant’s family has 73% of the shares.

Also in the court application, Ms. Lan’s daughter mentioned that an insurance company had a partner who bought back Ms. Lan’s shares for 40 million USD – equivalent to 920 billion VND.

For the vaccine factory group that Ms. Lan previously invested 315 billion VND, her daughter said she would transfer the entire thing to a partner at a price equal to the initial investment value to recover the money.

After the interrogation of Ms. Lan, the jury asked the authorized representative of Gia Tue Company, Lam Dong.

Regarding the assets related to Phuong Trang Passenger Car Joint Stock Company, the jury announced that Thanh Hieu Company (part of Phuong Trang Group) is the investor of 3 projects and owes Ms. Lan 450 billion VND, so Phuong Trang

However, in response to the jury, representative Phuong Trang affirmed that she had transferred Thanh Hieu Company to 3 other people, not to Ms. Truong My Lan and Van Thinh Phat.

The jury said it would summon the three people mentioned by Phuong Trang to clarify.

The trial ended with questioning.


Capital Place Building, 29 Lieu Giai, Hanoi.

Ms. Truong My Lan is accused of using SCB as a financial tool for 10 consecutive years (from 2012 to 2022), disbursing more than 2,500 loans to Ms. Lan’s group with a total amount of more than 1,066,000 billion VND –

However, stating his opinion during the afternoon trial on March 14, the SCB representative did not agree with the amount of damage in the case as determined by the prosecuting agencies above.

In addition, SCB also proposed 6 other contents, including full rights to manage and use assets that are evidence in the case, 1,166 assets of Ms. Lan and Van Thinh Phat group are mortgaged at SCB for

During the trial, Ms. Truong My Lan and her husband Chu Lap Co asked their lawyer to write a petition to the jury, stating that there are currently many individuals and organizations at home and abroad who owe money.

Assets recovered and distrained

During the investigation process, the Ministry of Public Security reviewed and collected money flows originating from the criminal acts of Ms. Lan and related people;

In the banking group, the investigation agency seized a total of nearly 590 billion VND and nearly 15 million USD.

In October 2022, after being offered a job by the investigation agency, Viet contacted the relevant person to hand over all the money he had received from Ms. Lan.

Police confiscated 190,000 USD from Tran Van Hung, a cleaning staff, cleaning Ms. Lan’s apartment at the Sherwood building in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Saigon Kim Cuong Joint Stock Company voluntarily transferred nearly 415 billion VND – part of the total value of more than 120 million company shares that Ms. Lan assigned to individuals to hold.

Authorities also blocked nearly 2,000 billion VND, nearly 8.5 million USD;

Distraint of a total of 1,237 real estate properties related to Ms. Lan, including a series of buildings in districts 1, 3, 5…;

For the behavior group Giving bribes, Taking bribes;

For Nguyen Cao Tri’s act of abusing trust and appropriating assets, the investigation agency has distrained 7 real estate (worth more than 266 billion VND).

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