7 irresistible specialties when coming to Cua Lo beach

7 irresistible specialties when coming to Cua Lo beach 3

Cua Lo Beach is friendly to tourists through seafood specialties at reasonable prices.

1. Crabs grow

Tourists coming to Nghe An, after having fun with the waves of Cua Lo, can enjoy the famous crab dish here, the dish has a seductive aroma and is rich in protein.

The crab dish is prepared very elaborately.

To create crab sprouts, the processor must be very picky and meticulous.

When serving, people stick the boiled crab legs into the shell like a live crab, but the seductive aroma of crab, meat, onions, and spices mixed together makes visitors remember it forever.

2. Steamed crab with tamarind

Crabs are found everywhere in the sea, but visitors to Cua Lo beach certainly cannot forget the rustic tamarind steamed crab dish here.

To make the steamed crab dish with tamarind delicious, it is important that the cook adds the right amount of tamarind to make it rich.

Steamed crab with tamarind makes visitors inhale and enjoy the rich flavor of sour, salty, sweet, plus the attractive aroma of lemongrass, garlic and the characteristic smell of crab, creating an attractive dish.

7 irresistible specialties when coming to Cua Lo beach

The crabs in Cua Lo are firm and have many bricks to be processed into steamed tamarind crab dishes, boiled crab dishes… always attractive to tourists.

3. Seven-course cobia

Coming to Cua Lo, tourists who have not enjoyed food made from cobia have not really come to this seaside country.

Cobia caught is quite aggressive, but through the skillful hands of the chef, the fish meat can be processed into 7 attractive dishes such as fish salad, steamed fish with lemongrass, stir-fried fish intestines, fish hotpot, fish porridge, fish fins.

4. Eel porridge

Although not a product of Cua Lo, eel porridge has contributed to perfecting the culinary pleasures of tourists when vacationing in this coastal town.

The fat yellow eels are cleaned, two bamboo sticks are clamped to the eel’s head and put in a pot to cook with rice.

5. Clam porridge

This is a very interesting dish at night when tourists roam around Cua Lo.

6. Flashing ink

Grilled squid in Cua Lo has long attracted tourists to the coastal country.

7 irresistible specialties when coming to Cua Lo beach

There are many ways to prepare squid, but the simplest is to grill it on a charcoal stove when caught from the sea, very delicious.

Squid can also be boiled, braised, stuffed with fried meat, or made into squid rolls, but the more interesting dish is probably squid mixed with grapefruit shrimp.

7. Fish sauce

When enjoying seafood and Nghe An dishes without some fresh fish sauce made from scads and mackerels, it is truly lacking in flavor.

To make fish sauce more delicious, fishermen often mix fish sauce with rice or roasted beans and molasses, thicken it, then pour in water, add salt, stir well, filter the water and cook the fish sauce.

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