16 Russian special forces repelled 300 Syrian rebels

16 Russian special forces repelled 300 Syrian rebels 0

16 Russian special forces defeated 300 Syrian terrorists

Russian SSO Special Forces

Russian President Vladimir Putin on May 8 awarded many awards and titles to four special forces officers (SSO) participating in the war in Syria.

This group of officers includes two lieutenant colonels and two captains, nicknamed Dannil, Evgenhy, Roman and Vyacheslav, but their real names were not published, according to Lenta.

Lieutenant Colonel Dannil’s 16-member special unit operates in Aleppo province, regularly facing attacks by the Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) rebel group, formerly known as the al Nusra group.

This group directed Russian bombers to destroy at least three tanks, a rocket artillery system and two homemade missile systems of HTS.

One morning, the positions of the special forces group and the Syrian government army (SSA) were heavily shelled.

16 Russian special forces repelled 300 Syrian rebels

An ATGM battery of SSO forces in Syria.

The group’s reconnaissance UAV detected an oncoming rebel car bomb.

In this attack, HTS used a converted BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle to carry out suicide bombing.

In the afternoon, the Pturschiki battery destroyed a number of more tanks and ZU-23-2 guns mounted on pickup trucks.

That night, Russian snipers discovered and neutralized a single ATGM attack by the HTS group.

The SSO officer group said the rebels who attacked their position were very professional, fully equipped with weapons, first aid supplies and cameras.

16 Russian special forces repelled 300 Syrian rebels

SSO soldiers withdrew to base after completing their mission.

The SSO group affirmed that they clearly understood the enemy’s combat capabilities before deciding to stay in position.

With this achievement, the SSO task force was proposed by the Russian Ministry of Defense to be awarded a state award, in which Lieutenant Colonel Dannil was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.

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