International concerns about Iran’s nuclear and missile escalation

International concerns about Iran's nuclear and missile escalation 2

International public opinion is concerned that Iran’s nuclear and missile escalation could cause dangerous military impacts in the region.

Britain, France and Germany just issued a joint statement on January 16 stating that tensions are escalating in the Gulf region and the Indian Ocean when Iran launched a ballistic missile that fell near the US aircraft carrier Nimitz on January 16.

Previously, Iran confirmed that it was promoting uranium production as fuel for the Tehran research reactor.

International concerns about Iran’s nuclear and missile escalation – Photo AAWSAT.

In another development, Iran has just conducted large-scale exercises in the Indian Ocean and announced success in attacking targets at a distance of 1,800 km with ballistic missiles.

Iran has just conducted military exercises at sea with warships and in the air with drones carrying new generation ballistic missiles.

These moves come amid increasing tensions between Iran and the US in the final days of President Donald Trump’s term.

In 2015, Iran signed an agreement with six major powers (US, France, UK, Russia, China and Germany) on its nuclear program.

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