Education reform – ‘too much depth, too little breadth’

Education reform - 'too much depth, too little breadth' 11

The weakness of our country’s general education reform is that we only worry about improving depth without worrying about breadth.

We are teaching high school students to prepare them for college entrance exams, not so they can become mature citizens in terms of personality and thinking.

The number of students entering foreign universities is very large, almost all students have just graduated from high school.

They don’t have a grading scale like the general public, only `pass` or `fail`.

A huge paradox in our country is that students who do not pass the domestic university entrance exam but when studying abroad, even though they are not good students, still pass the school years and graduate in nearly the same theoretical time.

>> Textbooks ‘reverse reform’

To build a reform program, we must work from grade 1 to grade 12 and then present it to the public for criticism and vote by majority.

Grade level reform must bring together excellent teachers with 20 years of experience teaching at the corresponding level, to be close to reality and appropriate to the age of the students.

I don’t understand how our education has been reformed, but parents still have to re-learn it with their children from grade 1. New knowledge may not be learned in a lifetime, but we still teach old knowledge over and over again, just

Adult citizens only know how to work to make money, regardless of tricks, create a series of negative things, and entertain themselves with drinking… All kinds of cultural, artistic, and sports are increasingly sluggish because not many people know how to appreciate them.

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