Covid-19 cases in Asia last week decreased by 3%

Covid-19 cases in Asia last week decreased by 3% 3

The world has recorded 211,479,248 nCoV infections and 4,426,293 deaths, while 189,242,843 people have recovered, according to real-time statistics site Worldometers.

According to AFP data, the average daily number of new cases globally last week was 643,100 cases a day, no increase compared to the previous week.

While the situation improved in most regions of the world this week, the average daily new Covid-19 cases in the US and Canada increased by 11% and the Middle East increased by 4%.

A girl took a nCoV test in Malaysia in May. Photo: Reuters.

Kosovo is the country recording the fastest growth rate of the epidemic, when the average daily new Covid-19 case increased by 189%.

Meanwhile, Mozambique is the country that recorded the largest decrease when the average daily new Covid-19 case decreased by 36%, followed by Argentina 34%, Colombia 32%, Türkiye 32%, and Algeria 28%.

In terms of new infections, the US is the country recording the largest number of new cases in the past week, increasing by 1/10 to 139,100 cases per day.

The average daily number of people dying from nCoV worldwide last week was 9,787, an increase of 3%.

In terms of vaccination speed over the past week, Malaysia is the leader among countries with more than a million people, vaccinating 1.54% of the population every day.

Although rolling out more slowly than the countries mentioned above, the countries with the world’s leading vaccination programs are the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with 172 doses per 100 people, followed by Israel with 145 doses, and Singapore.

Covid-19 cases in Asia last week decreased by 3%

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett received the vaccine in Kfar Saba on August 20.

From August 20, Israel began giving booster doses to people over 40 years old who received the second dose at least 5 months ago.

`We are at the climax of the battle, together we can win, it is within reach, but we are not there yet,` Bennett said before getting the injection.

Infections in Israel have increased in recent weeks, raising concerns that the country will have to shut down during the Jewish holidays in September.

`If we get the third injection, we can avoid the fourth blockade,` Bennett emphasized.

Israel was one of the first countries to implement vaccination in the world, starting in mid-December 2020.

To try to stop the spread, officials last week began a booster vaccination drive for people aged 50 and older, after starting a campaign for people over 60 late last month.

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