Abramovich’s ownership of Chelsea is blocked

Abramovich's ownership of Chelsea is blocked 2

Abramovich is among seven Russian oligarchs whose assets were frozen by the British government, amounting to a total of 15 billion pounds (nearly 20 billion USD).

Abramovich was punished due to his `decades-long relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin`.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich can no longer sell Chelsea.

Secretary of the British Ministry of Culture – Nadine Dorries – said Chelsea was not banned from competing.

Chelsea will not be allowed to trade or extend contracts with players.

Ms Dorries wrote on Twitter: `To ensure Chelsea can continue to play, we are issuing special permits for the team to play, for staff to be paid and for season ticket holders to

The decision from the British government means Abramovich cannot sell Chelsea as announced on March 2 on the team’s homepage.

Abramovich's ownership of Chelsea is blocked

Coach Thomas Tuchel will not be able to transfer or extend contracts with players at Chelsea.

Chelsea has not made any announcement about the British government’s decision on the afternoon of March 10.

Abramovich bought Chelsea in the summer of 2003, for 140 million pounds (nearly 190 million USD).

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