Tips to avoid being pickpocketed when traveling

Tips to avoid being pickpocketed when traveling 3

Coming to foreign countries, in addition to visiting beautiful scenery and enjoying delicious food, tourists also have to face the problem of pickpockets.

Research carefully about where you are going

According to surveys from several websites, destinations such as Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam… are also famous for theft problems.

Research carefully the places you plan to visit.

Use sturdy bags and don’t leave items behind

A bag with a large, sturdy strap is better than a bag with a loose handle.

Valuable items such as phones, cameras, wallets, credit cards… should be stored in a bag worn across the waist.

Leave valuables at home

One of the principles of travel enthusiasts is to travel as simply as possible.

Tips to avoid being pickpocketed when traveling

Do not bring valuable items or jewelry when traveling.

Always carry your luggage with you

When traveling, it is taboo for tourists to ask someone else to look after their luggage.

Safe to eat

If you go for a walk with friends and enjoy a dish at an outdoor restaurant, remember not to leave your phone, wallet… on the dining table if you don’t want people passing by to quickly steal it.

Always keep yourself alert

When traveling, you can drink beer and wine to have fun with friends.

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