Three reasons for deadlock in relationships

Three reasons for deadlock in relationships 5

Recently, Lisa, 35 years old, in the US, went to a psychologist for advice on why she couldn’t end her toxic relationship with her boyfriend named Glenn.

`I’m worried that if I leave him, maybe then he will change, grow up, and the next woman will have a good version of Glenn, and I will miss out,` she shared in one of her stories.

Dr. Jeffrey Bernstein, a relationship and parenting expert, says people stay in bad, even toxic, relationships for three main reasons.

1. Used to being treated badly

People stay in dead-end relationships because they lose their personal values.

There are people who know their partner is not good, but cannot give up that person.

2. Fear of a dim future

Perhaps the opening line of the famous Star Trek series says it all: `Boldly go to places no one has ever explored.`

When you’re in a toxic relationship that’s going nowhere, you may have to fight a lot with your partner.

3. Fear of being alone

There is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely.

If you are in this relationship, please stop judging yourself.

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