Lessons in fighting epidemics: Appropriate strategies, good treatment

Lessons in fighting epidemics: Appropriate strategies, good treatment 13

Mr. Tran Dac Phu is Senior Advisor to the Vietnam Public Health Event Emergency Response Center, former Director of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health.

– How do you evaluate the anti-epidemic work in the past three months?

– Over the past three months, Vietnam has remained stable in its strategy to prevent, detect, isolate, localize, suppress the epidemic and treat it well.

Many countries do not apply correct and appropriate measures, so the time from when the first case was discovered to when it broke out happened very quickly.

We do it appropriately, not only to prevent disease but also not to harm the economy or unnecessarily affect social security.

Not only does Vietnam have a good epidemic prevention strategy, even Vietnam’s testing and treatment have made certain progress and successes up to now.

– What are those advances?

– Regarding testing, from the beginning, Vietnam applied test kits to test for nCoV, then progressed to self-producing tests, even isolating this virus.

Vietnam mainly focuses on testing at-risk subjects, this is `a savings` while it is impossible to apply a too large testing model, because it depends on national capacity and potential.

Initially, Vietnam only had a few nCoV testing laboratories, now there are about 110 laboratories and nearly 40 confirmed testing facilities.

Vietnam also controls testing.

Regarding treatment, Vietnam applies good topical treatment.

Vietnam has experience in treating SARS.

Mr. Tran Dac Phu.

When social distancing is relaxed, what challenges will need to be overcome to ensure the prevention of a recurrence of the epidemic?

– Disease prevention and ensuring people’s health come first, but economic development is still a must.

The epidemic situation is positive as for the past 6 days no new cases have been recorded, some outbreaks have been controlled.

With the relaxation of restrictions, low-risk provinces may be able to resume some types of services.

From now on absolutely do not be subjective, because if just one case appears in a crowd, if it is not managed, the epidemic will erupt uncontrollably.

– If tomorrow big cities stop social distancing, what should each individual pay attention to?

– In my opinion, everyone needs to practice the `5 safety` to ensure disease prevention.

First, all people still have to wear masks, not only to prevent Covid-19 but also other respiratory diseases.

Second, don’t gather in large groups and avoid close contact.

Third, do not go out unnecessarily, especially the elderly and people with chronic diseases.

Fourth, continue to disinfect and clean your home and workplace according to epidemic prevention recommendations.

Fifth, continue to declare medical information when you have symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, or even unexplained fatigue.

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