Hang Tien – Tu San alley of Lao Cai

Hang Tien - Tu San alley of Lao Cai 3

The road leading to Hang Tien in Coc Ly commune, Huyen Bac Ha, Lao Cai, is a miniature flow of the Chay River, originating from stream branches in the northwest of Ha Giang province.

According to the Center for Information and Tourism Promotion of Lao Cai province, Hang Tien is a natural cave, not currently being exploited for tourism.

Hang Tien owns a scenery like a miniature version of Tu San alley in Ha Giang, with camping grounds and streams for visitors to experience water activities.

The scene at Hang Tien is like a miniature version of Nho Que river and Tu San alley in Ha Giang.

Mr. Dung Nguyen, a local tour guide who often leads visitors to experience Hang Tien, said that to get to this location, tourists travel to Bao Nhai commune and then take a boat up the Chay River for nearly an hour.

The camping location is a flat, empty land next to a stream, about 100 meters from the mouth of Hang Tien.

After setting up a tent on the sandy beach, visitors can experience activities on the stream such as rowing, swimming, and bathing in the stream.

After experiencing the activities at the stream, you can paddle to the mouth of Hang Tien and walk inside to explore.

In the evening at the campsite, visitors can organize a barbecue, light a campfire and watch the starry sky amid the mountains and forests.

Mr. Dung said summer, from April to July, is the ideal time to go to Hang Tien.

Because there are no tourist facilities near the cave, visitors need to prepare food, drinks, forest clothes, and bathing in streams in advance.

If you want to camp overnight, you should follow a tour and have a local tour guide accompany you to ensure safety, because the area is completely isolated from the outside, with no phone signal or wifi.

Tourists who prefer to travel on their own can go to Hang Tien to camp during the day and stay overnight at homestays and motels in Trung Do and Bao Nhai communes.

Hang Tien - Tu San alley of Lao Cai

Local people’s boats carry tourists to explore Chay River and Tien Cave.

`On hot summer days, Hang Tien with its cool water and pristine landscape will be an ideal escape from the heat for tourists who love nature,` Mr. Dung said.

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