Don’t say ‘You can’t cry if you’re a boy’

Don't say 'You can't cry if you're a boy' 3

Last week when I was walking down the stairs, I met a boy chasing his cat. His loud laughter and smiling face caught my attention.

Suddenly the boy tripped and fell, I rushed to help.

The boy’s eyes were red, but after hearing his mother’s words, he did not dare to cry.

Many parents teach their children that `Being a boy must be strong`, but it seems that saying unintentionally puts `shackles` on the souls of many boys.

`Boys must be strong.`

At first it sounds like a word of encouragement, but actually those seemingly normal words actually put `shackles` on the souls of many boys, making many children not dare to express their true feelings.

Boys also need hugs

My friend above has both boys and girls. She always teaches her children, `As a boy, you must be strong, not weak under any circumstances.`

One day the couple went to school to pick up their child.

That sad back is so sad.

A child intelligence education research laboratory in the US conducted a 3-year test on 200 children under 5 years old.

`The speed of a child’s intellectual and positive personality development is mainly determined by the frequency and accuracy of communication between parents and children. Children with the highest this index are those who regularly

Also according to this study, boys’ brain development is slower than girls of the same age and boys’ need for emotional attachment is also stronger than girls’.

Children who are often hugged by their parents will feel more secure and confident.

That’s why it is said that a simple hug can convey a lot of warm love.

American linguist Albert Meribin discovered that only 7% of human communication is through language, and up to 93% of communication is through non-verbal means.

`Hugging is a very simple action but has infinite power. Hugs are about exchanging love and tenderness. No matter what gender your child is, they often need hugs from their parents.

Boys need to be listened to

Hong Kong actress Vien Vinh Nghi shared in a TV show that her relationship with her son Truong Mo Dong used to be very tense.

Don't say 'You can't cry if you're a boy'

Family of Hong Kong actor, Yuen Yong Yi.

Vien Vinh Nghi feels very sad.

At the same time, teachers at the school also reported that Truong Mo Dong was always irritable with everyone and did not concentrate on his studies, which affected other children.

Vien Vinh Nghi, who grew up in a family where his parents were police officers, applied his parents’ strict regime in educating his son.

For example, when a boy wants to do something, he must get her consent.

After meeting with a psychologist, Vien Vinh Nghi gradually changed the way she educated her son, and she listened more carefully to his opinion.

Quoting a psychiatrist, Vien Vinh Nghi said that knowing how to listen is really wise in handling educational issues.

`Patiently listening to children talk will make them feel the care and love of their parents. The moment children finish speaking is when their hearts are nurtured most effectively,` Vien Vinh Nghi said.

To raise a son, a mother needs to show weakness

My best friend recently confided that her only son is no longer clingy to his mother, he clings to his father all day.

My friend discovered that at one stage, his son really liked being with his father, even deliberately imitating his father’s every move.

`The father’s position in the family largely shapes the boy’s personality,` Albert Meribin once said.

On Weibo, a young man shared his story, his parents often argued, his mother was the one who held the upper hand, often raising her voice to lecture his father.

Since childhood, this young man has been a very masculine person, willing to stand up and protect vulnerable children who are being bullied.

American thinker Emerson once said, what kind of person a child will become depends on the love, companionship and role models they receive from their first educator.

While the famous Austrian psychologist Alfred W. Adler concluded: `If the mother is more authoritative and constantly nagging others in the family, the daughter may imitate her mother and become a critic.

`The stronger the mother, the easier it is for the son to become weak and cautious,` Alfred W. Adler affirmed.

Mothers who forcefully take away the father’s presence in a family will cause the child to have a false perception of his father.

The role of the father is a figure that many boys imitate as they grow up.

Raising a boy is not only a difficult task both physically and mentally.

`Only then will children have enough warm hearts to spread their wings and accumulate courage to face wind and rain in the future,` said Alfred W. Adler.

Article by author Dai Du, posted on a forum for parents in China.

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