Don’t let ‘deadlines’ constrain your life

Don't let 'deadlines' constrain your life 12

I once read a story about a person who wanted to study for a master’s degree, but at that time he was already 38 years old.

At my company, there is a woman in her 30s who still decided to get braces.

During an animation workshop, I met and interacted with a director and artist who had studied abroad.

>> My happiness does not lie in the house in front of me

In the drawing class I attended, there were people who had families and children and still pursued their hobbies, and even retired women who still confidently held brushes.

I once read an article that an 84-year-old woman even filed for divorce in court because `I have been suffering for a long time, and I no longer have the strength to serve you.`

So, never think that you are too old to do something.

Don’t think too much about the results but enjoy the process, you enjoy success, you accept failure, that’s all.

>> I refused an income of 25 million VND, choosing a job with a salary of 0 VND

When I said I would go to school at 29 years old, people supported, people opposed, people admired.

Don’t set deadlines for your life.

>>The article does not necessarily coincide with’s views.

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