Donald Trump in the eyes of world leaders

Donald Trump in the eyes of world leaders 0

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Foreign politicians are voicing their opinions about the `rude` statements of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

`I have never seen leaders raise opinions when the presidential election is taking place, and especially when it is early in the primary election period,` USA Today quoted Mr. Thurber as saying.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto earlier this week issued one of the harshest criticisms, saying that Mr. Trump’s tone was reminiscent of Italian fascist Benito Mussolini and German fascist Adolf Hitler.

Mr. Peña and Mexican politicians were angry at the billionaire’s statement about building a wall to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering the United States, and that Mexico would have to pay for it.

Clearly, the possibility of Mr. Trump becoming US president has caused a `sense of despair` in Mexico, commented Mr. Bill Richardson, former US ambassador to the United Nations.

Mr. Richardson added that it is not only Mexico that is worried about the prospect of Mr. Trump becoming president.

`The world whines about it, because even though we make mistakes, the world still wants us to play a leading role,` he commented.

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Leaders of some US allies such as Canada, Ireland, Britain, France, Germany, Israel and Saudi Arabia have reacted negatively to Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump in the eyes of world leaders

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last weekend criticized Mr. Trump’s approach to immigration and refugees.

A day later, Mr. Trudeau softened his tone.

In Germany, which is facing a migration crisis, Deputy Prime Minister Sigma Gabriel said last weekend that `all of Mr. Trump’s right-wing populist ideas are not only a threat to peace and cohesion.`

In December last year, British Prime Minister David Cameron said that Mr. Trump’s statement calling for a temporary ban on Muslims coming to the US was `divisive, stupid and wrong`.

In the Middle East, Saudi prince Abdulaziz al-Saud said that Mr. Trump should withdraw from the race for the White House.

The Arab prince said he was just a small investor in Fox News’ parent company and complained about this image.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also an opponent of Mr. Trump.

Donald Trump in the eyes of world leaders

Russian President Putin is one of the leaders praising billionaire Trump.

However, billionaire Trump has won support from a number of leaders.

`He is talking about moving to another level of relations, a deeper and closer relationship with Russia,` Mr. Putin said.

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Mr. Jean-Marie Le Pen, former leader of the right-wing National Front party with anti-immigration views in France, declared: `If I were an American, I would vote for Donald Trump.`

The leader of the Liberal Party in the Netherlands, Mr. Geert Wilders, who has anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim views, also wrote on Twitter that Mr. Trump `will bring good things to America and Europe. We need leaders.`

Danielle Pletka, a Republican and foreign policy analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, said that, whether supporting or opposing candidate Trump, world leaders should not `stick their noses` in politics.

`It’s none of their business,` said Pletka, who does not support Mr. Trump.

Historian Thurber commented that billionaire Trump may soften his tone if he becomes president, however, `it will be very difficult to work with leaders who have publicly criticized him,` he said.

`But after all, we are America, the richest and most powerful country in the world, so they will still have to work with him,` Mr. Thurber commented.

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