Decoding idol fanatic syndrome in teenagers

Decoding idol fanatic syndrome in teenagers 4

Many parents were startled and worried by the tragedy of a family where a father killed his child just because the child was crazy about his idol.

The situation of teenagers being infatuated with idols, leading to outrageous and ridiculous actions, is not unusual in Vietnam.

Early last year, some residents also shared photos on Facebook of a female student cursing her parents severely for tearing up a photo of her Korean idol group.

In early 2012, the community was shocked when a group of young people knelt down and kissed the chair that Korean music star Bi Rain sat in during the night of his tour at the Hanoi Opera House.

The comment of a crazy fan of a Korean music group about the search for the Malaysian plane made many residents angry.

`The sad thing is that it’s often only when their children are too passionate about idols, to the point of neglecting their studies, negatively affecting their lives… that parents realize and panic, asking for intervention. Meanwhile,

Decoding idol fanatic syndrome in teenagers

Fans expressed strong emotions during an idol group meeting.

A recent case Mr. Khanh consulted is typical of this.

She really loves a band full of handsome Korean guys, spending all her money to buy records, pictures… of this group to display in her room.

After that time, she even asked her parents for money to buy a sound system for home, recorded a record herself and sent it to a music competition, but was eliminated from the beginning.

Mr. Le Khanh said that becoming crazy about a certain idol is a process, not something that happens in a day or two.

`In reality, spending 1-2 hours with a psychologist every day or every week can hardly solve the problem. The important thing is that parents are aware of the problem, change themselves, and be patient with their children to overcome difficulties.

Among the ways to prevent disease, the most important thing is for parents to live in a way that makes their children admire, love, respect, and preferably become their child’s idol, if not, at least be someone the child can trust.

Second, it is necessary for children to have many activities to always have balance in life.

When your child shows signs of idol fanaticism, parents try not to criticize, scold, or become their child’s enemy.

`Teenage children hate being looked down on the most. Therefore, criticism from parents often does not bring positive effects but only makes children pity them and try to resist even more,` the psychologist analyzed.

In a discussion with FPT University students on the topic `Idol deviation – look straight and tell the truth`, educational psychology doctor Nguyen Kim Quy said that the root cause makes many teenagers so crazy about idols that `

`For example, in the countryside, children have to help their families, so they have little time and conditions for the phenomenon of idol deviation to arise. But in the city, children have the conditions and opportunities to interact with culture.

Furthermore, according to Ms. Quy, currently, the pressure to study from family and school on students is very great.

Sharing this opinion, Dr. Truong Thi Khanh Ha, head of the psychology department, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hanoi National University, said that when children are so crazy about certain idols that they do not value anything else,

`Children, especially teenagers, always have to be interested in something strong when they can’t find things in their lives like family, school, friends, they might have to cling to something.

According to her, if you want to avoid your child falling into an idol-obsessed state to the point of disregarding all other values, you need to start disease prevention from childhood, not wait until your child starts showing unusual symptoms.

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