Chris Evans – born to be a hero

Chris Evans - born to be a hero 3

When he first started his career, Chris Evans had difficulty creating a brand for himself, when his name coincided with a veteran BBC presenter.

Started his career from filming teen movies

Born on June 13, 1981 in Boston, Chris Evans is the second child in a family of three siblings.

Chris Evans when he was still filming teen movies.

After participating in several school and local theater productions, Chris Evans decided to go to New York to try his luck.

Chris Evans started his career in 2000 and rose from supporting roles in television series such as Opposite Sex, The Fugitive or Boston Public.

At that time, Chris Evans did not have the muscular body he has today, and when he learned that the role required would include a shirtless scene, he… panicked and buried himself in the gym.

With a budget of only about 15 million USD, Not Another Teen Movie grossed nearly 70 million USD and was Chris Evans’ passport to Hollywood audiences and directors.

Also in 2004, Chris Evans also participated in the movie Cellular and collaborated with stars like Jason Statham and Kim Basinger.

He became famous thanks to his superhero roles

His character in Fantastic Four’s real name is Johnny Storm, younger brother of scientist Susan (Jessica Alba).

Despite earning up to 330 million USD in theaters worldwide, Fantastic Four is still underrated by critics due to its simple content.

Full name is Captain America: The First Avenger, this is a film in phase one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series (introducing superheroes based on Marvel comics).

Chris Evans - born to be a hero

Chris Evans has the perfect face for superhero roles.

Not a `genius, billionaire, playboy` like Tony Starks, not a god like Thor or strong like Hulk, Captain America is actually a skinny guy named Steve Rogers.

Since then, the legend of Captain America – who encouraged the soldiers’ morale and also directly participated in arduous missions – was born.

One of the first requirements for the role of Captain America is physique because after being injected with the serum, this character will possess a perfect body.

Chris Evans’s efforts were well rewarded, when the sight of Steve Rogers stepping out of the machine with a beautifully sculpted body really impressed the audience (at the beginning of the film, Steve’s stunted physique

Although it is mainly intended to help the audience get acquainted with Captain America and the content is only at an average level, The First Avenger still achieved revenue of nearly 400 million USD, before Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth or Mark

Multi-talented guy

The above successes made Chris Evans from an unknown actor become an A-list Hollywood star.

In the first 10 days of release, The Winter Soldier earned more than 300 million USD and became the film with the highest opening revenue in April in history, surpassing Fast Five.

Asked by director brothers Anthony and Joe Russo to practice martial arts, Chris Evans demonstrated his success on screen with fast and beautiful close-quarters combat.

Chris Evans - born to be a hero

Chris Evans with the image of Captain America in part two.

Having acted in all genres of films, from romance (What’s Your Number?), crime (Street Kings), comedy (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World) to fantasy (Snowpiercer), Chris Evans shows his ability to transform

Once sharing in an interview that `if you want to be famous after about 10 years, you need to do something to separate yourself from the rest`, Chris Evans has proven that he is not just talking.

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