Many people who have been hospitalized have wondered: Can I have faith in the doctor or nurse who is responsible for their care? “Yes” is the typical response. However, even the most trusted patient could get the creeps from some instances of predatory opportunism and willful neglect by healthcare staff.

10 A Doctor Suggests Helping a Patient End Their Life

At a Liverpool, England, hospital, Dr. Arun Singhal practised general medicine. A distressed woman on antidepressants sought his advice in May 2011. The prosecution used the lady, who they called “Patient A,” as a witness in a rape case. Patient A contacted Singhal for a doctor’s letter to excuse herself from testifying after learning that she was neighbors with the brother of the rape suspect. She was so distressed that she confessed to being suicidal and that her medicines were ineffective.Singhal’s reaction to Patient A was befitting a cruel online harasser rather than a certified medical professional. A “disgrace” to the medical field, he scolded the woman and advised her to “jolly well kill herself.” To go a step further, he advised that she look out suicide prevention advice online. Unbeknownst to Singhal, Patient A was secretly filming their chat as he doled out his highly unprofessional advise. Filing a complaint, she was understandably upset.After reviewing the case, the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service found that Singhal acted inexcusably and probably dismissed Patient A’s allegations out of hand. Subsequently, the doctor was placed on three-month suspension. Singhal should count himself lucky that he was not dismissed, given the tragic consequences that may have ensued had Patient A obeyed the doctor’s orders.

9 A Resentful Former Hospital Employee Sends Patients False Letters Regarding Lobotomy

Michelle Morrison, a resident of Elk Grove Village, Illinois, was employed by Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital from 2005 until her layoff in 2010. She committed a cruel act to humiliate her former superiors and vent her anger by collecting hospital stationery and the personal information of over 30 victims.Morrison sent three patients of the Alexian Brothers six deceptive letters between February 2011 and June 2012, asserting that the patients’ psychological therapy had been unsuccessful and that frontal lobotomies would be necessary. In addition to threatening to disclose the patients’ medical information to others, the letters included obscene and demeaning comments about the victims.After two months of investigation, Morrison was found to be the one responsible. She had no choice but to enter a guilty plea after being found in possession of patient records and other medical records in her residence. Morrison sincerely apologized in court for her first recorded criminal offense, displaying an outward display of repentance. She was sentenced to 30 months of probation as a form of punishment.

8 Caring Staff Members at Nursing Home Harass Patients with Dementia

Six employees at the Valley View Skilled Nursing Facility in Ukiah, California, thought it would be funny to cover seven helpless dementia patients in ointment from head to toe in 2010 to make the next shift’s job more difficult. Instead of laughing it up, these nasty workers, whose ages ranged from 23 to 51, were taken into custody.The Ukiah sextet is unfortunately not unique among nursing home abusers. An employee was fired from their position at the Kirknowe Care Home in the United Kingdom in May 2012 for jokingly giving a dog biscuit to a nursing home resident with dementia. Tragic behavior was also shown by Tracie Nellis, a staff at the nursing facility. Two of her sleeping dementia patients had hot sauce poured into their mouths in 2013, and she willingly gave up her nursing license for the transgression.It feels like there’s no end to the list of comparable and much worse crimes. They all depict the all-too-common scenario of medical professionals taking advantage of their patients.

7 A Doctor Slaps the Patients’ Butts While They Are Sedated

Dr. Michael T. Clarke, a surgeon at Syracuse, New York’s St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, took great pleasure, for at least a year, in the sound of his hand thudding against the butt cheeks of his comatose surgical patients. He would subsequently attempt to justify this action by saying it was necessary to determine how well spinal anesthetics worked. On the other hand, employees who were there during the operation gave a different account.The slacker doctor allegedly struck his victims with such force that his bloodshot palms were visible afterward, and he also spewed sexually obscene comments at them. Staff at the hospital allegedly heard him yell racy comments as well. In December 2013, members of the operating room personnel informed hospital management about Dr. Clarke’s appalling bedside manner, after months of silence.In response to allegations made against Clarke, the state’s health department conducted an inquiry. In February 2014, he was placed on suspension and was given confidential instructions on how to get reinstated. It had been eight months, but he was back in St. Joseph’s operating room.

6 A Mid-Operation Sext from a Surgeon

Arthur K. Zilberstein, anesthesiologist and 20-year veteran in the medical field, committed his transgressions while employed at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. During a range of surgeries, including caesarean sections and pediatric appendectomies, the doctor sent over 250 obscene images and texts to his girlfriend and, on occasion, his own patients.There was this time he texted a patient a selfie while dressed for the hospital, and his privates were hanging out. In less than an hour, he sent 45 steamy texts while he was having stomach surgery.Among Dr. Zilberstein’s alleged transgressions include having romps in the hospital, prescribing illegal medications, and accessing patients’ medical information for his own hedonistic enjoyment. It is uncertain whether Zilberstein’s misdeeds ever caused harm to anyone, but state authorities believed that his medical license should be suspended due to his transgressions. The doctor’s privileges were also suspended by Swedish Medical Center at that time.

5 Following cardiac surgery, an anesthesiologist strikes a patient.

After toiling through a 36-hour shift, Dr. Andrei Votyakov, anesthesiologist at Russia’s Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery in Perm, had finally had enough. Votyakov claims that he came upon a patient who had just undergone heart surgery while in this weakened condition. The patient was fastened to the bed, wearing an oxygen mask, and had both arms and legs bound to him.The 61-year-old patient apparently showed no gratitude for Votyakov’s work and ridiculed him. Finally losing his remaining control, the doctor smacked the victim across the face and then pounded on his vulnerable chest just above the heart. The patient passed away one week after treatment.On videotape from February 21, 2013, we see what appears to be an altercation between Votyakov and the patient leading up to the doctor’s violent intervention. An official investigation was initiated when the exchange was made public online, which stoked public anger. After admitting his terrible act of hatred, Votyakov denied being responsible for the patient’s death and issued an apology. Reportedly fined 100,000 rubles and sentenced to just five months of community service, the physician’s claim seems to have been backed by the results of a criminal inquiry into his activities.

4 A Cancer Patient Who Is Asleep Takes Money From Their Nurse

Morriston Hospital in Wales embarked on a manhunt for a criminal in January 2015. The staff suspected an employee of being the culprit in the patient thefts that had been going on since November. They collaborated with the local police to set up a trap, which consisted of a marked twenty-pound note placed under a plant pot. It went well, which was a relief for everyone. The perpetrator turned out to be a healthcare worker who had taken advantage of some of Morriston’s most vulnerable patients, much to their disappointment.That worker was Jacqueline Perry, a 49-year-old nurse who was employed in the cancer ward of Morriston. To support her husband’s cider habit, she apparently rummaged through the belongings of cancer patients after they had fallen asleep in order to find treasures to sell. There was a wide range in the frequency and severity of her heists. Perry made off with money, jewelry, and painkillers. She did this once when she stole fourteen pounds from a cancer patient. Just before she passed away, 89-year-old Nancy Thomas had three rings taken from her that were worth a total of £1,800. Perry made around 10% of the rings’ worth when he sold them.Prior to her capture in the hospital’s sting operation, Perry stole £2,739 worth of personal possessions. The nurse claims that being apprehended provided her with a reprieve from the overwhelming guilt she had been suffering from. Perry got a 16-month prison term for her transgressions. Tragically, not all of her victims lived to witness the completion of justice.

3 A Doctor Covertly Documents Pelvic Exams for Patients

For 25 years, Dr. Nikita A. Levy was a respected gynecologist and obstetrician at the Johns Hopkins Community Medicine in Baltimore. During at least eight of those years, he covertly recorded his unsuspecting patients’ gynecological exams using a camera pen. A female coworker informed Johns Hopkins about his actions in 2013 because she had suspicions regarding his pen.Authorities were summoned by the hospital, and they uncovered more than 1,200 photographs and recordings spanning at least five years ago. However, in Levy’s 25 years of service at the community clinic, 12,692 women were identified as possible victims. The serious invasion of privacy was so severe that the hospital could not help but notify everyone.Even though there was no proof that Levy used the recordings of the women’s exams for anything other than his own personal purpose, the trauma he caused was enough for his victims. When they found out about Levy’s abuses, several of them reportedly stopped going to the doctor or stopped taking their children to the doctor altogether. After more than seven thousand of Levy’s former patients sued in a class action suit, Johns Hopkins settled for $190 million. A lot worse was in store for Levy. He wrote an apology letter to his wife and then killed himself with helium and a plastic bag ten days after his misdeeds were exposed.

2 A New Mother Is Accidentally Killed by a Drunk Anesthetist

After just two weeks on the job, Helga Wauters, a Belgian national, showed up for work at a private French clinic on September 26, 2014. Despite being new to the facility, she has been practicing anesthesia since 1994. When Xynthia Hawke, a 28-year-old woman, went into labor and Wauters was assigned the responsibility of administering pain medicine, it would have been reasonable to assume that she was in excellent hands. As a result of his intoxicated negligence, Wauters tragically killed Hawke.The anesthesiologist went out for a drink with friends after administering an epidural to Hawke by Wauters. However, complications during childbirth necessitated a cesarean section. In order to give Hawke more medicine, the anesthesiologist had to insert a tube into his windpipe. However, Wauters appeared off-kilter and reeked of alcohol upon her return to the clinic, according to her coworkers. Still, she could go to work. Hawke suffered a heart attack after Wauters accidentally inserted the breathing tube into his esophagus. After four days, Hawke passed away. The good news is that her child made it.Authorities discovered seventeen empty vodka bottles strewn around Wauters’s home, which served as further evidence of her severe drinking problem. While administering the epidural to Hawke, she confessed to having “a glass of rose” and consuming a water-vodka mixture the night before the surgery. Although it helped to stabilize her hands, the anesthetist’s attempt to justify her drinking by saying that it reduced her faculties by 30% was dubious as well. The day following her tragic drunken collapse, Wauters tested nearly five times the legal limit for alcohol in her system, according to tests conducted by law authorities.At first, bail was not granted to Wauters when she was arrested. The court did, however, grant Wauters bail in the amount of fifty thousand euros and a ban on her leaving France and practicing medicine. A rehabilitation program was also mandatory for her.

1 Surgeons Who Forget About Their Patients Midway Through Operating

Among the top five cardiac surgeons in California in terms of total number of surgeries, Dr. Pervaiz Chaudhry performed nearly 350 bypass surgeries between 2009 and 2010 at Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, California. However, it appears that Chaudhry’s excessive workload was not without its cost: his state’s patient survival rate was below average. That discouraging number might be due to Chaudhry’s claimed propensity to leave patients unattended during surgeries.Several lawsuits claim that Chaudry skipped out on heart procedures because he was afraid for his safety. He once left a physician’s assistant to suture a patient’s chest while he went to lunch, which resulted in a $75,000 fine for his hospital. Silvino Perez, a 72-year-old patient, was in a chronic vegetative state after suffering a myocardial infarction and the subsequent physical injuries. Despite Chaudhry’s denials, the State Department of Health in California concluded that the cardiac doctor had recklessly endangered Perez. At this time, it is unclear what will happen with the other claims.Professionals like Chaudhry aren’t the only ones who would put patients’ needs last in exchange for tasty food. A Swedish hospital’s anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist accidentally murdered a man during his lunch break in 2012. The 72-year-old man’s tumor was meant to be removed, but the doctor scampered out for lunch as soon as it was midday. Not long after that, the chief nurse anesthetist too gave in to hunger and departed.In their absence, the doctor and nurse were replaced by a nurse from the orthopedic ward. Sadly, she did not possess the necessary knowledge to notice that the patient’s respirator had been turned off and to intervene when he suddenly began to bleed. The patient had been oxygen-deprived for eight minutes when the doctor and nurse who had gone lunch returned. He succumbed to brain damage in the end.

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