10. Their autism is not their fault.

I appreciate you expressing this since, as someone who is also autistic, I detest it when someone without autism bully others who have autism. Really, no one ought to be harassing others. The term “autistic” shouldn’t be used at all.

My brother has autism, and he attends a public school in my town instead of mine because we don’t provide special needs assistance. I don’t keep the reason he attends a separate school a secret from my fellow classmates, who frequently inquire why. The majority of the lads in my class have started making fun of those who have autism recently. stating things like, “The most autistic student should get a class award.” Though most of the time I’m not close enough or in the correct place to urge them to stop, this greatly aggravates me. I have an idea for something to do, but I’m not sure what. Any recommendations?

I wholeheartedly concur. Since I am autistic, I detest it when other people treat autistic people unfairly, bully them, and compare them to that monster of a person known as Chris-Chan. Being autistic, I’m not like him at all. Heck, people would label him as a mentally ill oddball rather than an autistic person. Not the autistic individuals themselves, but the bullies who despise autism are the ones who should be punished and committed to a mental health facility.

2. It’s impolite and cruel.

It isn’t just. Not only is it not their fault, but it’s also not cool to make fun of something just because it’s different. A pleasant autistic person is someone I would rather hang out with than a nasty autistic person. It’s vile, cruel, and unacceptable. People ought to be accepted for who they are. It’s okay if you don’t like someone. If you are at a loss for words, speak them to yourself in a private place where only you can hear them.

It’s a good thing it’s anonymous because my friends and I alerted someone about our friend, who is autism and is being bullied, or else they would have taken their anger out on us. Not only are they mistreating him, but they are also making fun of him and joking about his autism. Because they are tormenting him behind his back, he isn’t even aware that they are doing it. It sickens me to see what others do to children with special needs.

3. They’re also human.

I recently received an Asperger’s diagnosis, and despite my lack of friends, confidence, and spelling errors, I feel like those who make fun of me are unaware of the compassion we all possess.

That’s right. We will make mistakes and grow from them, just like non-autistic people. Just be patient and give us some time.

Indeed, they are. They’re just like the rest of us, and that’s something to keep in mind.

4. They are not stupid, despite what some people may say.

With autism, my 10-year-old brother has mental abilities comparable to those of a kindergartener. He creates strange words to communicate because he doesn’t know his ABCs. Sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend him. He has a special blanket, but when he feels anxious or afraid, he nibbles the fuzz off of it!

I appreciate you adding this; it makes me feel good. I am quite tired of people saying things to me like, “But you’re too smart to have autism!” because I have autism. Even though I’m intelligent, my IQ was actually raised by autism. Unfortunately, I have certain unwanted qualities related to my autism, but on the other side, as a seventh grader, my reading level was 11.9.

Many autistic people compensate for their lack of social abilities with heightened artistic and intellectual senses. Even while many still despise autism, there have been some truly remarkable people with the condition.

5. Having autism is not a bad thing.

It’s not all sunshine and butterflies when you have autism (and vice versa). Not broken, but different is my brain. I am also endowed with a really special perspective that makes it simple for me to make other people laugh when I say foolish things or think differently. I am also endowed with improved long-term memory, improved visual skills, and enhanced focus that leads to more practice and greater skills. I enjoy who I am. It’s not the end of the world to have autism.

Despite having autism, my brother, one of my friends, and one of my friends’ sisters all behave, speak, and live normally for the most part. Why am I saying this like a regular person? They are typical individuals! Autism has many positive aspects! They benefit from improved scenery, improved memory, and occasionally even increased running speed! People must be accepted for who they are! Both their autism and their occasional inability to understand are unavoidable! I despise the false classification of them as “different”! Anyone who makes fun of autistic people at school enrages me much because it’s like they’re making fun of my brother and friend, and if you make fun of my brother (or friend(s)), you mess with me! And let’s just say you don’t want to if you mess with me! Autism is completely normal and has no negative consequences! Yes, there are moments when I feel like my brother gets more attention from my parents than I do, but in the end, having autism should even be a source of pride! Whoever thought up the joke about autistic individuals deserves a fistfight!

6. They’re really kind individuals.

Since the sixth grade, I have been the target of bullying because I have autism. They said something incredibly impolite and angry, like, “IT IS FAIR, YOU LITTLE MAGGOT! AUTISTIC IS WHAT YOU ARE! YOU ARE DESERVING OF THAT!” I only played nice with them in order to share in the limelight alongside my friend Dash, who is constantly being approached for autographs and other memorabilia. They were just trying to hide the fact that they were bullying me because I have autism, even though I never did anything wrong. When I think back on what I’ve done, all I was attempting to do was blend in and be someone. I tried to hide the fact that I was merely attempting to make a contribution to society because I was never really conversant with popular trends (I’m not trying to emulate Shape of My Heart by BSB). You’re a joker if you make fun of persons with autism while reading! I detest you utterly!

Despite my best efforts, I seem to come across as abrasive. I’m so awkward that I normally don’t wave back when someone waves at me. I also never realized that you should actually ask someone how they’re doing after they ask, “How are you?” after you respond. Additionally, it seems (I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly) that crossing your arms comes across as impolite, but I do it all the time since it’s comfy.

7. There are lots of amazing autistic people.

I have autism, and I utilize this website. individuals with autism should be accepted and valued in today’s society, just like regular individuals and other types of people. There are many different types of autistic people; some are not particularly intelligent or violent. People with autism often assume that they are extremely intelligent yet unintelligent retards. I’m quite knowledgeable about geography, but I’m not about science. People, please put an end to this abuse.

A FEW people among you are autistic? Whoa, I had no idea about it! A few folks without an account or username on this website claimed to have autism, but some of the users I know had autism that I was unaware of.

I assumed that due of my autism, I would be the outsider when I first joined this site. It only took me a while to discover how many wonderful, welcoming people are on TheTopTens.

8. It irritates them readily when you make fun of them.

Not everybody does. Some people are more affected by autism than others. Since most of what people say is a joke and even when it isn’t, the likelihood that what they think of you is completely irrelevant because they are probably just people you happen to encounter, I will admit that I get a little annoyed when I see stereotypes about how all autistic people are retarded and throw temper tantrums. However, I don’t let it get to me too much.

At my school, I have an autistic classmate who is deeply enamored with Russia and the Soviet Union. One day, he was being told to “Kill the Russians” by other people, who also told him “You’re going to die in Russia” and labeled him a communist. After they said such things, he had a tremendous meltdown and anger tantrum. People need to understand that individuals with autism are also human and might become agitated when they are made fun of.

9. Bullying is never acceptable.

Whatever your motivation, please refrain from bullying others since it will come back to haunt you in the future.

Bullying persons with autism and other disabilities is unacceptable, and you will face consequences!

Indeed! I was made fun of today because I have autism! It hurts a lot on an emotional level.

10. They are not changeable.

This is so true! A person cannot be changed for who they were, particularly if they have autism. Allow those who have autism to live their lives and love who they are. In particular, those who are autistic should be treated with dignity and respect as fellow human beings.

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