The generation of young people without sex or love in Japan

The generation of young people without sex or love in Japan 0

Instead of going out on dates, many young Japanese people prefer to watch cartoons and live in a virtual world.

`I mean, I have to pay attention to what to wear, thinking hard about where to take her out on the date. It’s so troublesome,` Nakamura said.

He is studying economics in Tokyo, has never had sex and thinks there is no problem.

Nakamura is typical of today’s Japanese youth – becoming ¬†pessimistic or even disinterested in romance, sex and marriage.

Experts point out a series of factors that contribute to this mindset of Japanese youth, such as the Internet, the financial crisis, or Japanese women having more and more opportunities to improve their careers than before.

Last January, O-net, a marriage consulting company, announced survey results showing that 74.3% of Japanese young people in their 20s had no lover, higher than the rate of 50% in 1996.

The Japanese Cabinet Office last year also conducted a survey of 7,000 people in their 20s and 30s. As a result, 40% of single 20-year-olds `are not looking for a relationship`, saying `romance is

A study conducted every two years by the Japanese Family Planning Association (JFPA) shows that the proportion of men in their late 20s who are `uninterested` or `despise` sex accounts for 8.3

Unlike a few decades ago, young people today have developed a sense of `disillusionment` with romance, due to observations from their parents’ unsuccessful marriages.


`It’s not that their parents openly disagreed, or divorced each other. But when they were together, they didn’t look happy,` Megumi Ushikubo said.

JFPA’s 2014 survey showed that 44.6% of Japanese couples do not have sex together for a long time.

The parents’ unhappy marriage, combined with the gradual elimination of `cheesy` television dramas that inspired romance for young people during the economic boom of the 80s and 90s, have made today’s youth

The generation of young people without sex or love in Japan

Wedding ring destruction ceremony – marking the end of a Japanese couple’s marriage.

Instead of real dates, they find escape in digital communities, falling in love with manga characters and then immersing themselves in dating simulation games, said Masahiro Yamada, a sociology professor at Chuo University.

According to him, Japan’s sex education overemphasizes the `negative` aspects of sex, such as risks related to rape and teenage abortion, causing students to develop aversion.

Returning to Nakamura, he was fascinated and immersed in the world of nothingness.

`In anime (a type of comic book), everything is perfect. Girls are cute, guys are handsome and strong. I wish it was like that in real life,` Nakamura said.

He emphasized that, being used to the extraordinary beauty of anime characters, he sometimes feels disappointed when looking at female students in school.

`I’m not interested in real sex. Watching videos is enough,` he said.

Another reason why young people are indifferent to sex and romance is the prolonged economic recession and financial instability, said Dr. Kunio Kitamura, president of JFPA.

Financial worries make young people, especially men, hesitant to approach the opposite sex.

Yosuke Hiwatashi, 23 years old, from Kagoshima is a typical case.

Hiwatashi’s average monthly salary is about 1,300 USD, with only 170-400 USD left over after buying necessities and paying off his parents’ tuition debt.

However, because his working hours are not fixed, it is difficult for Hiwatashi to date you.

`With salary like that, I have to save every penny,` Hiwatashi said.

Meanwhile, women have their own reasons for not getting married, Ushikubo said.

In long-standing companies in Japan, `usually female employees up to the age of 30 will be forced by their bosses to get married and quit their jobs. However, today, that will be considered harassment and women are no longer

Women have the freedom to pursue careers, which causes them to delay marriage.

Rika, a 21-year-old university student, said she doesn’t like dating.

`Who dares to say that I have to become a wife or mother in the future just because I was born a girl?`

The generation of young people without sex or love in Japan

Akira, 19 years old, a student at a university in Tokyo, says he likes romance, but will not proactively approach women.

Not all young people are pessimistic, or uninterested in romance and marriage like Nakamura, Hiwatashi and Rika.

Akira, a guitarist in the school band, hopes to get married when he is 40, but right now, marriage is not on his wish list.

Waiting for his friend in front of Shibuya station one November evening, he said he wanted to pursue music when he was young and `test everything`.

`I don’t think I should proactively approach a girl. I just need to wait until the right person appears.`

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